Acupuncture | Clinics in Ludlow & Droitwich

With two state of the art acupuncture clinics in Ludlow, Shropshire and Droitwich, Worcestershire. Simon Jones is able to provide acupuncture treatments to people in Shropshire, Herefordshire, Powys and Worcestershire. All acupuncture treatments include single use disposable needles and conform to the highest industry standards.


Acupuncture | What is involved in an acupuncture treatment ?

An initial acupuncture treatment consists of a consultation followed by a treatment. The consultation is an attempt to categorize the nature of your condition from a Chinese medical perspective (more information). Therefore the initial consultation takes considerable longer that follow up consultations as an inquiry into the nature of the presenting condition takes more time. Subsequent visits are only 40 minutes in duration (initial consultations take an hour).

The treatment itself is a generally pleasant experience and patients usually feel relaxed with a sense of well being after the treatment. The cycle of treatment for any condition will always be established at the outset of treatment and there will be review sessions every month. Initial batches vary greatly and it really depends upon the presenting condition and the patient's general health. 


Is acupuncture the right choice ?

The choice of acupuncture over herbal medicine is generally a personal one. Though the conditions you wish to treat may influence the choice of treatment. Certainly acupuncture has a greater exposure in the United Kingdom and therefore it may well be your first choice if you are new to Chinese medicine. The aim of this site is to enable you to try to understand the processes, conclusions and expectations you may have as a new patient. The science behind acupuncture is still unknown (more information) at this time.

The insertion of the needle is not generally painful, due to the needle's thinness. Additionally guide tubes are used to the deaden the sensation of insertion at the site. I use a mixture of Japanese and Classical Chinese needles. All needle are single use, disposable and sterile and I am registered with the local authority for a licence to practice.